10 Things That Are So 2016


10 things that are so 2016

  1. Mannequin Challenge

This was a rage during the middle of 2016 and we saw our favourite celebrities doing it plus obviously Hilary making it a part of her campaign so all of us followed but now it’s time to move on.

  1. The Dog filter

The Snapchat dog filter was used to the extent of being abused last year and there were a lot of memes made about it. But now I think even Snapchat wants us to move on with the new cub filter.

  1. The word “Slay”

Okay so I personally love the word but I guess we need to say our goodbyes to it like we bid farewell to “swag” back in 2016. Now lets try and come up with something new.

  1. Pokemon Go

This game made it big in 2016 and everyone was behaving like possessed pokemon obsessed zombies tracking them down anytime anyplace. It might have been fun but well it looked weird. There were many positive things said about it but a bunch of negatives also like parents neglecting their kids and all but the point is it’s so 2016 now and we need to move on.

  1. Polaroids

The polaroid cameras made a huge comeback in 2016 with literally everyone snapping pictures with the camera and capturing nostalgia on film. They were cute and fun at the same time and made us all feel grown up in a sentimental way.

  1. Afreen Afreen

This classic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s number was redone by Coke studio. It sounded lovely in Rahat’s voice as well and Momina’s melodious vocals added a feminine touch to the song. The song was played everywhere cars, weddings, gatherings etc. As much as the classic one will remain evergreen this version will remain a 2016 hit and lets look forward to new songs this year.

  1. The Chai wala

The poor guy was highly publicised. He was made to walk fashion shows, he underwent numerous makeovers and was photographed to the extent of hysteria. He was analysed and discussed over and over again from all possible angles. The media and social media have given it a rest now and it feels much better. But lets hope he gets the best in life.

  1. The Dispensary at LSE

This was quite the headline amongst the student body last year and everyone was excited. Walking there with a headache and coming back with a panadol had everyone feeling special and taken care of.

“Choti choti khushyan”. But the news is outdated now.

9.The new Auds

Yes all of us were pretty intrigued to see what was all the construction about but in a few months we got to see the glorious new auds which are specifically for MBA students. Sorry. It was nice to see some action and it was a topic of discussion last year but if you’re still discussing that you need to find a new topic.

10.The Cricket Ground

This one is highly unfortunate and a little sad. It was difficult for everyone to say good bye to the much cherished spot. Be it for the cricket lovers or the normal students who just loved to go sit there and contemplate life, this demise is highly painful. But what is going on there now is definitely something to discuss this year.

Humeira Usman

Content Writer