11 reasons not to get in a relationship with a class fellow


The day we step on-campus, all those scenes from Bollywood ‘Love at first sight’ hit us like a storm. Although, no one has control over who they fall in love with, but here are some pretty good reasons why you should never hookup with a classmate on-campus.
1) It’s totally totally ‘HARAAAM’. Perhaps that’s one of the extreme reasons for not getting into any relationship at all. So keep yourself reserved for that someone special.

2) You can’t flirt with other. From dawn till dusk, everywhere you’ll see her.
3) Their every close, opposite gendered friend will be a potential threat to your relationship. This wouldn’t let you sleep at night. You’ll be wondering why did she had to call him for those accounting notes.

4) Say goodbye to hangouts with friends at your free time. You’ll find yourself with the love of your life sitting all alone in far end of cricket ground, or glued together on the last sofas of sbs library.

5) A cheat mate for life, but since both of you are now a mirror of each other, what fruit cheating will give you in the end.?

6) PDAs can be an issue for the classmates. Some people would just be jealous of the affection you have for one another. While others might support the bonding you two have, some would feel violated and may act out of temperament.

7) Beware of the ‘Ghoori kranay walay log’ . Some of the lse awam would give you stares for no reason whatsoever. They’ll keep goggling you from a distance.

8) You’ll be stuck with the same person for all the projects and assignments. Being a graduate from LSE, i can say this for sure that a diverse group gives far more learning experience than the same old monotonous team.

9) No more Bachelor trips to Khanpur dam. Before you’ll know it, you’ll be already stitched in that unannounced ‘rishta-e-Iztawaj (Marriage).

10) Those awkward interactions at the end of the class when you walk out.

11) She’ll get ‘Nika’ofied’ in the mid of her 3rd year, and you’ll still be thinking of a ‘startup idea’ that’ll make you rich over night so you’d be worthy enough to ask for her hand in marriage.



MD Sikandar Bashir

Contributing Writer


(The Author of this article is the founding president of lsnb and an LSE alumni, batch of 2016)

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