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Like every year on Gregorian calendar, 2017 has also passed leaving a bunch of memories behind for us. Here is a list of eleven things which were so 2017 and made our year memorable. After a few years we will not be able to completely remember the year 2017 but we will have a certain memory of this year like yar 2017 wo saal tha jab Pakistan Champions Trophy jeeta tha!


11. 5000 Dirham

A bald Gujrati guy went to Dubai and spent 5000 Dirham enjoying his time and filming it later, seems a normal story but it isn’t (jaidada wech chadia 😀 ). It took all the attention and made him a star. Yes you heard that right Mr. Bhola Record has become a celebrity and is now producing a film, obviously casting himself in the lead role. He is still looking for young and talented people who want a head start on silver screen, so what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity :p ( one kiss me please 😀 )

10. Ejaz Shb Araam say

A middle aged man probably in his fifties, trying to put balls in the basket in order to get his task done in a stupid reality show and getting cheered up by his wife is just simple story but thanks to open minded awam of Pakistan who brought the dirty meaning out of it. Well having a dirty mind is a blessing because it never cease to bring the fun factor so yes we all laughed so much on her million dollar dialogue quoting Ijaz shb aram say :p

9.Ramzan Aya Roza Rakho Ji!

That legendary soundtrack has just started playing in your head. You just read this heading and the music started beating. That is the brilliance of this tune that once it gets into your head, it never gets out. Thanks to me that I reminded you guys of it and you might be cursing me now :p

8. Mein Hun Qadri Suni Tan Tan Tana Tan

A random naat khuwan singing the Me hun qadri suni tan tan tana tan is something which you does not get to listen daily. Such miracles happen in millenniums :p. I am still trying to figure out his possible rationale behind this lethal idea. Anyways that awesome tune is beating inside your head right now 🙂

7. Kamlesh, the Soluchan Boy

Dundundundundundundun, yes you read that right and you probably sung it in Kamlesh’s way :p. A young errand boy from Bhopal got into a news story depicting the menace of drug addiction and everyone lost his mind. Yes they did, but not for the druggy thing but his style and confidence which made him one of the most famous social media sensation of 2017.


News suddenly came up that Indian skipper Virat Kohli got married with Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma in a private wedding in Italy. The pictures of their wedding were mesmerizing but the one picture which looted the show was of their honeymoon somewhere in Switzerland which the couple would certainly have regretted posting on social media as it was photoshopped around a million times. From Dawakhana Hakeem Suleman to Mazar e Quaid they went everywhere (yes they came to LSE too :p). And yes you cannot beat the trolling level of Pakistanis.

5.Mujhay kyu nikala?

Yes after a repeated rhetoric’s of Panama ka Faisla, the whole nation was waiting for the decision like we used to wait for annual results back in college and school days. Yes that moment literally changed the political scenario of the country and gave the notion that justice can still be served in this country. I do not want to impose my political views but that decision was the biggest for our countrymen. Anyways NS got dismissed as PM but do not forget he is still Dilo ka Wazir e Azam :p

4.Pakistan winning the Champions Trophy

We came, we saw, we conquered. This was the brief story of Pakistan winning the ICC Champions Trophy held in England. The eighth ranked team struggling to qualify for WC who got thrashed by arch rivals India in the very first match, not only managed to avenge their honour but also managed to win the title with style! That does not happen unless the team is the Team Green. Yes you heard that right, We Bleed Green <3

3.Uncle Majboor

Ahmmm…. The guy does not require any kind of introduction. I mean this gentlemen literally seized the moment with his romantic conversation with his girlfriend named Rabia (his gestures too :p) .Some of you may find it vulgar but you cannot deny the fact that it literally brought a tide of infinite joy among the Paki folks that we literally got carried away. And those who condemn it considering it vulgar, also enjoy it secretly :D. So keep enjoying because apko bhi maza aye ga buhat maza aye ga 😛

2.Pen di siri

How can we go ahead without mentioning Molana Rizvi shb who brought the Capital up to knees and got us two sudden holidays (kudos for that sir :p). Religious sentiments aside let’s just think about how much we have laughed and enjoyed on his famous slang terms such as Pen di Siri( he so wanted to say something else but had to stick to the Siri only :p).

1.Dismissal of Kohli

Last but not the least; the moment when Virat Kohli finally got out on Muhammad Amir’s second delivery was undoubtedly the most epic instance of 2017 for me. The seconds between the delivery of his dropped catch and his dismissal were agonizing. The moment when he got caught was the time which still gives me goose bumps and I am sure you guys are feeling the same right now. That particular instance was even bigger than winning the Champions Trophy.


2017 is over and it gave a lot of things to be remembered. So let’s enjoy and hope that 2018 will be even better than that because we so want to laugh and smile. On behalf of the team LSNB, I wish you all a Happy New Year 🙂


The author is Editor at LSNB.


Syed Talal Shah



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