11 Things you didn’t know about LSE before


Here’s a list of fun facts about lse that you might not have known before!

1) The main café offers soup in winters till 10 am


2) Lse has started TA ship opportunities for students with 3 cgpa.

3) The Burki Campus was used to be an office for a construction company. This company was working on building Allama Iqbal International Airport, later was made into LSE campus.

4) In the early days of LSE, The auds were inspected for snakes and foxes on regular basis.

5) Lse is a NON-PROFIT organization

6) The real reason why LSE has peacocks on campus is to take care of lizards. Once, a large lizard was spotted inside the hostels (now H4/H3), which scared the h&%^ out of a faculty member. Extreme measures have been taken ever since then


7) Lse has a Gym. It’s located at the corner of Garden café.

8) You can tune into Indian radio FMs on-campus.


9) There is no AUD5 in Lse Burki Campus


10) The ‘Chapatti’ is free on campus. You just have to pay for the curry.

11) Lahore School News and Broadcast Society is the best student-run broadcast society across Pakistan, and no other institution has been able to come up with such participative and innovative platform for the students to get involved and connected.



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