13 things only LSE’s MBAs would know


13 things that only lse MBA’s would know
1- You haven’t really seen the true face of LSE till you joined MBA. It’s like a jump from playgroup to A levels. 

2- You’ll realize that LSE kept all-time best teachers just for MBA only. You haven’t really learned in BBA as you do in a single day of MBA

3- What’s weekend? There should be a new day announced i.e. case-end because you’re always reading cases at the end of the day

4- “Kitnay kojay ho tum sub, im going to make you a machine. WORK WORK WORK” ~ Sir Fareedi

5- One art you’ll learn is how to be critically effective in proposing a girl/boy in just 20 words. Thanks to Dr Amir

6- You’ll be in a very strange roller coaster ride knowing your time is going really hard but the life you see ahead is way too hard but there’s no way out

7- Most of them will be caught in between “GPA loon ya job” and some will be like “Let’s start a business” because it’s like the new guitar in town for all the youngsters.

8- Career vs the person you wanted for life is going to be the most common dilemma for most of the boys. “Kis shaqal say rishta bheja jae”

9- You’ll surely miss your bachelor friends because LSE just won’t be the same without them and it’s going to be a very tough ride.

10- “Yar ye sal kub khatam hoga” till “Ye sal hi tha na?” because it’s going to be way too fast

11- The age difference is going to be way too much that you’ll be friend to someone who’s a father of many kids

12- Celebrating Dr Amir’s birthday is one of the most emotional moments ever.

13- From personal to financial, life is surely going to take a big U TURN in every way.

By : 

Mohad Ghani

Contributing writer 

Lahore school news and broadcast society

(The author of this article is a fun loving , adventurous traveller, and a daring individual who has won titles at many forums. The author is currently a student of MBA at lahore school of Economics. ) via LSNB