Batch of 2017 You Will be Missed!


Before joining LSE most of us or at least I had the perception that life in LSE would be full time chill with mahol and bachiya everywhere around me :p ,full time party, late night stays in campus and chilling. But it was not as charming as I expected.

When I hear the term ‘‘Batch of 2017’’ I feel a sense of ownership and pride that I have been part of such an amazing batch. From August 2013 to May 2017, I made memories for lifetime. Four years at LSE made me a different person. I still remember my first day when I walked in through unpaved terrain of the legendry ‘‘bajri wali parking’’ (which stands still with full glory), I was anxious and nervous. The fear of ragging or adjusting in a new place had made me a bit conscious. The days started passing and I started making new acquaintances. And today when I am leaving the campus I know hundreds of people, in fact good people and fellows who made my stay less boring at LSE. I made many good friends which were always there for me and are like family to me now. This wouldn’t have happened if I had not joined LSE.

The most awesome thing about LSE is not the lush green campus, not the dabay waly auds, nor the peacocks but the people. It’s the people who make LSE an amazing place. From the muscular studs to stylish divas, LSE is full of amazing people. The people include the teachers who make this place a learning heaven and teach us different courses. I have come across some amazing teachers such as Dr. Azhar Hassan aka The IG. I might not have learnt a lot relating to the course but I surely learnt about life, principles and morals from him. And Yes I was inspired from his bullet story too. The teacher who really taught me something and I found challenging was not other than Ma’am Rumessa Naqvi despite the fact she gave me C, the term in which I was scoring A’s and A minuses in all other courses. But the way she polished my communication skills will help me throughout my professional life. There is a huge list of teachers who have a special place in my heart but I don’t want to bore you with that so I would like to thank all the teachers who taught us and made us what we are today. While talking about people let’s not forget about the aud boys, guards, janitors and ayas as without them LSE wouldn’t be same as it is today. They real man power lies in them and I would like to thank them as well as they deserve our respect for sure.

The juniors and coming batches should envy us because we spent a lot better time than they are going to spend in upcoming years in LSE. We played cricket in the most amazing place of LSE the Cricket Ground , unfortunately which no longer exists. A lot of good memories are associated to cricket ground such as nail biting matches, the emotions, the sweating, the teamwork, the victory and lastly the brotherhood. And yes the booty sessions too :p. I am glad to say that we wore Polo’s for 3 years with peace and trust me LSE was a more stupendous in our times than it is today!

I will miss the libraries especially the SBS library which served as a drawing room rather than library with everyone lying, sleeping on the sofas and chatting with each other with all the gossip. The basket ball court which provided the best opportunity for stags to wander around and stalk the pretty girls, I wouldn’t be wrong if I call the basket ball court as the perfect ‘’poondi’’ spot in LSE and yes I am gonna miss that too.

Not all us might have spent the best time of their lives in LSE with all the khuwari, boredom and everything but one thing that we must admit is that this place taught us a lot and the memories we made here are gonna last for the rest of our lives. No matter how much you have disliked LSE but you are gonna freaking miss this place. The friends and connections we made are gonna last for a long time, perhaps for the lifetime. Just think for a moment that how LSE has reshaped your life and how different you are today. One last thing I would like to say is, as the part of batch of 2017 we should keep in touch and help each other whether it’s related to professional life or some other aspect of life.  The brotherhood should be kept going and yes Batch of 2017 you will be missed! L

The author is a part of batch of 2017


Syed Talal Shah

Deputy Editor in Chief

Lahore School News and Broadcast Society