Lahore’s Most Haunted Places I Dare You To Visit!



So, LSE-ites as you all know Halloween has just passed by, but this doesn’t mean all that all the thrill and adventure has to end. Here’s a list of the spookiest and haunted places known in the city of Lahore, do tag along your friends and dare to visit these places to seek peril (well it’s another thing if you’re dreaded by such situations or you have no friends ):


  1. The Shiekhupura Fort

The Fort is rated on the top in most haunted places of Pakistan. It was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor, Jehangir. Politically, this fort emerged during the consolidation of Sikh Raj in Punjab. According to a historian, before the Sikhs took over, the fort served as a hiding place for bandits looting the countryside.

Subsequently, the fort was later conquered by the Durrani King Shah Zaman, sentencing death to all the robbers. And later was taken control by Lehna Singham, an ally of Rangit Singh who invaded the fort and sentenced Inder Singh to death, chopping his head off from his mere body.

Like this, the fort was conquered by many kings and queens and many tragic and unfair deaths took place within the fort, this is why it is said that the fort is extremely haunted by the spirits of kings and queens who used to reside there once.

The fort is in bad condition, as no worker is willing to reshape it, because of how haunted it is.

(Horrifying enough? Well I’m just getting started!)

Keeping the story of the fort aside, the classical way of exploring a haunted area known by many of you might be, going to a deserted house, finding the slightest of paranormal activity, almost wetting your pants at that moment and then coming home and telling tales about your heroic experience. Keeping all jokes aside, here’s a list of few haunted houses I could find for you to wander.


  1. A house in Shadman

Rumor has it, a house in Shadman is considered as haunted as it features a boy sitting on a flight of stairs starring into oblivion. Story tellers have it that this boy was pushed down the similar flight of stairs and died instantly, therefore the spirit of the boy haunts the corridors of the house.


  1. Abandoned House in Model Town

In Model Town lies a huge house, painted in white, now in a bad condition as it has been deserted since many years, sources say that no one is willing to live in the house as many paranormal activities have been carried out, other than the typical door slamming by itself, immense cries of women have been heard. Though sources are not able to figure out why is that so, might be any other sort of tragedy or other dark secrets that lie within the house.

  1. The cursed house in Cantonment Area

A house at the Cant. side has been regarded as haunted since its owner was murdered a few years ago. It is often said that supernatural beings are found under trees at the house and sometimes they take the form of snakes. Since then no one is willing to purchase such property.

Has that freaked you out enough? If you think seeking thrill in such deserted houses is to mainstream for you, don’t worry, here is a list of few locations which you can check out if you’re daring enough!


  1. Lahore College for Women University’s hostel

It is stated that a dorm room of LCWU’s hostel has been haunted by a Hindu spirit, who once was a student at the university. She committed suicide, hanged herself in her dorm after she was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby, who had most likely left her. The story of this girl has said to be very dramatic to which her spirit haunts the dorm of the university.


  1. The Basement of Fatima Memorial College Hostel

The basement of the college was rumored to be a central jail for women before the partition, it has said that many women and children died, some were brutally murdered, some killed themselves, so it has been haunted by many spirits and jinns.

So LSE-ites here was a list of some haunted places in Lahore, I bet after reading this you’ve sensed a shiver down your spine. And if you’re daring enough to check out these sights then good luck, and if not it’s okay you can sleep with the light on at night and no one will know!

Also, other than the places noted above, there are many more to know of, readers if you have experienced any paranormal activity or know of other places scarier than I’ve mentioned do let me know and do write to me! (My email address is given below).


The author is a freshman at LSE.

Aiza Ali

First Year, Section A