Are you a Nerd ?


Nerd and geeks are two terms used to describe different types of people. They are found in each and classroom. These are brilliant but socially aloof individuals who keep to themselves away from other humans.
Check the following to see if you fit in the circle of nerds:
1. Nerds use various jargons and hard vocabulary which no one else uses or even understands. Sometimes the teacher also has difficulty in understanding what that nerdy student is saying. If you use jargons then please stop or consider yourself a nerd.

2. If you love programming and can learn HTML tags with ease then consider yourself a nerd. You might also like chess and other games involving the brain. Normal people do not like to use their brain but nerds like to challenge their minds and see to what extent it can go.

3. Nerds rarely see the light. You actually have to drag them out of their room and in the sun as they end up suffering from vitamin D deficiency. They stay in front of computer screens looking for the information. This is one of the main signs of a nerd. Consider yourself one if you can keep your eyes away from technology.

4. Lastly, nerds will definitely become your boss someday due to their hard-work and dedication. It might be a four letter word but in the end, nerds will get a six digit income.

5. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is a big example is being a nerd. He posses all the characteristics of a nerd. If you think he is cool or you have the same habits as his, then you are a nerdy boy.

Do check from the above list if you are one or not.
Author: Rubab Ali
Post: Content Writer