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With spring and summer right around the corner, I feel like everyone’s thinking of ways to get in an extra hour of walking or any physical activity in order to tone that sweater clad chub we’ve been walking around campus with.

This not only means that we’ll be having a ton of people coming up with new fitness routines. But every other fitness freak out there- myself included, is thinking of ways to get in that extra workout without burning to a crisp mid-day, or freezing to death in the mornings.

Now, temperature control isn’t the only problem most of us are going to face. Wether you’re a fitness junkie, an athlete, or just someone getting a serious workout going in general, you need to keep proper care of your skin. 

Because sweating means dehydration, which can lead to breakouts, and that’s just not fun is it? Not to mention the endless amount of frizzy hair and chapped lips!

Keeping mine, and your needs in mind, I’ve come up with the top 5 beauty must haves for anyone keen on burning some calories!


  1. Moisturizers:

This is the  number one thing on my beauty routine right after hydration. Even if you have oily or combination skin like I do, you need to moisturize woman. I would personally give you a reminder about this every single day if I could- trust me, I would.

Sweating does not only dehydrate your skin, but it also takes out most of the essential oils out of your skin. Your skin needs these essential oils in order to maintain its elasticity and stay fresh. If you don’t moisturize it after a workout or a hot shower, you’re just making your skin work harder to produce those oils and that, sometimes can lead to breakouts. (I figured that out the hard way. )

Even if you have oily skin, I still recommend you to use oil free moisturizers and a toner along with it!

Now, not everyone likes going bare-faced. But getting in some extra coverage while working out and keeping your skin hydrated is a package deal ladies and gentlemen. For that, I’d recommend going with a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers are a great way to cover up any unwanted blemishes, redness, and still keep your skin glowy! Added SPF in it or your moisturizer is a plus too!

My personal favorite moisturizers include, Nivea’s Daily Essentials Light Moisturizing Day Cream, Garnier’s BB cream, and Clean and Clear’s brightening daily moisturizer. 

Check these out and let us know if any of these worked for you.


  1. Primers:

Now, back when I first started wearing makeup, I was in college and already aware of the highs and lows of the ‘makeup’ industry. Back then though, I would look at primers in different stores and went, “Pssh, I don’t need them. My makeup stays on all day anyways.”

Boy, was I wrong. 

Primers not only make your makeup stay on for long, but they also give your skin a nice finish and a smooth canvas to work on. A primer covers your pores with a smooth clear layer, making your foundation go on a lot smoother,making you sweat less throughout the day; there’s nothing worse than having sweat mixed in with your foundation all, day, long. YUCK!

I haven’t really branched out on different primers though, but the one primer that has stayed with me on numerous occasions has been the Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Primer. I swear by this primer guys. I once had to work on a special award show for 10 hours straight, and my face wasn’t even oily by the time I got home!

3.Waterproof Mascaras:

Do I even need to say anything on this one?

If you still think you don’t need a waterproof mascara in your life, then I dare you to sweat like a monkey with normal mascara on, and see if that is how you want to end up looking at the gym or at the park. I’m pretty sure they won’t allow pandas roaming around at all.




  1. Hydrating:

*chugs down a gallon of water.*

Oh, I don’t mean this hydration silly. I meant hydrating mists.

Water is love and all, but hydrating mists are even better- sorry water.

When you feel sticky and sweaty, just pat your face dry with one half of a tissue or a oil blotting sheet, and spray on some hydrating mist! I normally do this after putting on my makeup though, it helps lock everything in place! You can even spray some on your beauty blender and use it, it works wonders!

My personal favorite has been Evian’s water based mist. It hydrates your skin lightly and also leaves a cooling sensation on it. They even have travel friendly bottles available at Hyperstar and Sephora! Previously, I used to use one by Marks and Spencer, but I’ve never found it again! *Makes sad face.*


  1. Hair products:

Okay, lets face it ladies. We all love our hair, but, do we like it going into our mouth when we run? No. Do we like it hitting our face when we bend down? No! And do we like looking like hairy man right after running in the wind? Definitely not! 

Hence, hair products are the way to go. Some people don’t branch out to a bunch of different ones since they feel like they might damage their hair. But trust me humans, everything in moderation works. You don’t have to layer your hair with coats of hairspray; just rub in some Argon oil on the ends of your hair when it’s damp, and bye bye frizziness. 

Don’t like that crusty feeling hairspray gives you? Skip it, and go with some hair gel on damp hair. It works wonders!

And there ya have it folks! These were my top 5 beauty must haves for everyone on the move! Even if you don’t fancy running or exercising, this will be a perfect way for you to move along your day easily.

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