Breaking away with the cliche: Conversation with Nehan Maqsud

    Nehan Maqsud is no ordinary; she is elegant, intelligent and knows what she’s upto. This part of the year she along with her co president and the team, brings Econothon: one of the most anticipated events of  Economics.

    Q) As a president what are your expectation with Econothon? What was the motive behind the event?
    I expect the event to be a success despite the hurdles and we had to cut it short to one day. We faced quite a lot of security threats due to the situation prevailing in our country but I am quite happy with the results.So all’s well that ends well. As far as the  motive is concerned the incitement behind the event was to create a platform where all the economists from different institutions had a chance to meet and share ideas to bring a positive change in the society.
    Q) People perceive Economists to be quite boring. What’s your take on the stereotype? Any interesting story that you would like to share?
    Well, we did hear from a couple of students which is why we are having a social event and Qawwali night at Peru’s. We want everyone to know that Economics is not a dry subject and economists aren’t boring at all. If provided a platform, Economics can be quite a bit of fun. This even got proven from our last two rounds. We never heard so many giggles and laughter in any event before. The interactive sessions  like those break the cliches.
    Q)What were the activities that you planned on doing? Should we keep an eye for the some surprise social treat?
    Quiz, pictograms, brain pop(policy design), crisis game (debating) and buzzer round were the events planned. Qawwali night is on the docket along with a dinner at Peru’s. Hope to see you all there.
    Well, this concluded our interview with Nehan Maqsud. We definitely look forward to all the other events that are about to come and hope that this trend continues in the future as well.
    Mahrukh Chaudary
    BBA IV-Marketing and Finance
    Editor in Chief-LSNB


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