To bunk or not to bunk


I’m sure many of you have bunked a class once in a life time? If not, well my friend either you love studying more than you love yourself or maybe you have no friends…

But for those who have, proceed reading!

Bunking classes can be all so fun, but there are some people who take classes way too seriously, some don’t, some are well, just confused what to do in little aspects of life. Here is a situation where you can relate to what category of the bunkers (or non-bunkers) you belong to.

Point of situation; on a crisp autumn November morning where the wind gushes through, with grey clouds forming over the skyline, as you rush into class you feel the dead leaves crackle under the weight of your shoes, but all of a sudden it starts to rain, do you:

  1. Bunk the class to go out with your friends in this wonderful weather because why not? You can cover it all later (which you probably won’t)
  2. Stay inside and study while the other kids bunk the class and have fun.
  3. Awkwardly stand in class and decide what to do until the teacher walks in and wishing you had gone out at the right time

If you choose A, you won’t let no boring class spoil your mood of enjoying chai and pakoras in the joyous weather. Probably like me you’re down for a long drive with your friends jamming onto loud music in the pouring rain! You’re only given one life so live it right! You also might be a regular bunker so it really doesn’t matter to you, so bunk some classes, make some memories to look back onto.

But if your answer is B… Well, bunking for you is a BIG NO, you practically have a perfect attendance and enjoy lectures more than watching Riverdale. Yar mana parhai parhai hai but itna bhi parhai mey dimagh na lagao kay hosh kho betho, y’all need to chill and just take out some free time for yourself and enjoy more beautiful things that life has to offer. (No offense)

However if you choose C, you might need to work hard on your decision making strategies, you’re a confused little penguin who needs a bit of guidance in life but hang in there you’ll be fine!

So LSE-ites I’m not saying that bunking classes all the time is a good thing, study hard but not too hard, remember to take out time for yourself, bunk a few classes, don’t take things too seriously, eat a little more and enjoy life while you’re young and healthy.

The author is a freshman at LSE

Aiza Ali,

First Year, Section A


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