Everyone with a Camera isn’t a Photographer at Lse


Everyone with a DSLR is not a photographer at LSE

Everyone who owns a DSLR thinks he/she is a photographer. People just don’t get the fact that owning a thing doesn’t make you an expert in it. Photography is an art , a way of expression and ‘requires’ skills and knowledge but unfortunately here at LSE everyone with a DSLR is a photographer, well at least they think they are.

It is almost every other day that I observe people showing off  their expensive Nikons and canon-the love of their lives ,photographing  ‘nature’ and the greenery that LSE is known for and of course  the perfect views in that area and oh how can I forget the abundant quantity of the beautiful peacocks(the most captured picture is that of a peacock ).I later see the same pictures on several instagram pages and facebook accounts captioned as ‘universe through my lens’ or ‘can’t hear anyone over the sound of how awesome this photography is’   with a bunch of generous friends praising the photography .Seriously? what was the point of the whole photography if you can’t make an ordinary thing look like an extraordinary object, these views are naturally beautiful.  Well, I am sorry to break it to you but capturing the view of basketball court on a rainy day does NOT make you a photographer, Capturing the sunset does not make you a photographer(it was already beautiful) and capturing the dancing peacocks ,please let’s add some innovation and step aside from the mainstream shots.

My point? You are probably as talentless as you were without a camera, but in terms of social ranking your reputation will rise by leaps and bounds and you will attach irrelevant meanings to everything you see that includes the so-called inspirational quotes.

There is also another popular group of DSLR owners here at LSE who click pictures when their friends strike awkward poses for them ,it’s funny how people are begging their DSLR owner friends to click a ‘Dp’ for them in the perfectly green Shumyla  garden ,I won’t say I am not one of them .The one with the camera gets all the attention and who doesn’t enjoy that, huh? But this will only earn you photo credits on a facebook display picture and that’s that.The high quality of a DSLR will ignite excitement within you making you think you are a photographer. But it’s really the mind that works magic, not the hardware.

It is the artistic feels of the photographer that makes an artistic picture. For all my fellow university fellows ,no offence  but to be a genuine photographer  one should keep himself/herself updated with the latest techniques and technologies, technical know-how and most importantly a deep art sense. That’s when you’ll take pictures that are worth a thousand words !


Sakina Zainab Gardezi

Contributing Writer at LSNB


(The author of this article is a student of 2nd year at Lahore school and a new recruit at LSNB content team)