An exclusive interview of Ma’am Maha Ijaz



They say that a dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, (Dan Rather), so as a content writer at LSNB, when I was asked to interview an instructor, the only name that popped up in my mind was of LSE’s most prominent and distinguished faculty member who has been affiliated with this institute for the past 10 years, yes Lse-ites its none other than Ms. Maha Ijaz. For some, this name might be enough to send shivers down their spine:p however for most she’s an instructor who actually believed in her students’ abilities and pushed them to their fullest potential so that they came out with even more polished and enhanced skills. So guys get ready as your fave instructor spills the beans on her strict demeanour in this very exclusive interview!

Q)Your educational background?

A) I did my Bachelors and Masters from Lahore school of Economics, then did a Distance Learning Program from Leicester University. I also did CFA and now I’m doing my M.Phil. from here in LSE.

Q) Since how many years have you been teaching in LSE and which courses you teach?

A) I’ve been teaching at LSE since the past 10 years and the courses I teach include Introduction to Capital Markets, Financial Management, and Investments.

Q) What do you have to say about the fact that you’re considered as one of the most feared and talked about instructors of LSE?

A) *chuckles* Really, I might be considered as one of the most feared instructors of LSE but there isn’t really much truth in it. I’m not strict, I just want my students to be disciplined as the finance courses I teach can get boring and difficult, so in order to clarify and make the students understand the concepts, a professional demeanour has to be maintained at all times . So there’s no need for the students to fear me, I just want my students to remain quiet in class and be attentive.

Q)If you hadn’t been a teacher, what would you had been?

A) I would have been an investment banker. (Not much surprise there right? Considering how knowledgeable she is, *sighs*)

Q)What are your passions, interests and activities other than being a teacher?

A) I love reading books, finance books to be more specific and watching movies like Wolf of Wall Street, Margin Call, Inside Job etc. Moreover I love to hang out with my friends in my spare time. (Yes we know the last part too well, thanks to our stalking skills *winks*:p )

Q)Your political view regarding the current situation in Pakistan?

A) I believe in democracy and I believe that stability is very important for a country to succeed and grow. India is a country that started right with us in 1947, however today it’s quite ahead of us in literally every field, thanks to its consistent policies and stable governments. So for Pakistan to attract as much foreign investment as possible and for that CPEC project to be successful, there needs to be consistency and stability for the democracy to work.

Q)What advice do you have for today’s generation given the competitive yet stressful environments they work in?

A) Today’s generation is actually doing very good as compared to our generation as today’s students are intelligent yet hardworking. I myself wasn’t really that much of a hardworking student so my advice for this generation is to balance everything i.e. don’t be nerds all the time, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

Q)Tell something about yourself that your students don’t know about you?

A) Contrary to my strict demeanour I actually like to make and crack jokes which you have seen me doing during lectures to lighten up the tense atmosphere. Moreover, in my mind I have made-up names for all my students*smiles mischievously*.

Q)What would you like to say about your association with LSE?

A) I’ve been married for 7 years and been with LSE for the past 10 years, so LSE is like my home. I love my job, I love my students, and they’re very respectful hence LSE is doing an excellent job in grooming them.

Written By:

Seher Khalid