Your fashion guide to winters in LSE!

Hey LSE-ites! The dawn of Winter’17 has just begun and you can already see the campus changing its colours to bright shades of mustard yellow as it gets bathed in crisp and brittle autumn leaves. With the changing weather and chilly winds that are to hit LSE soon it’s high time that you guys ditch those summery lawn kurtas and spice up your winter wardrobe as fall in LSE is a truly magical and amazing experience. LSE being situated away from the city means that it’s going to get cold sooner than later and then you all would be craving the warmth of your cosy sweaters, so here’s our guide to a warm yet fashionable winter at LSE.
This time of the year is perfect for layering as it is probably the most practical yet stylish clothing trend that you can follow in LSE.  Layering a jacket over a sweater or a shirt under a jumper helps you stay warm and look fashionable. What’s more is that you can even layer coats and jackets over shirts you wore in summer hence making this trend cost savvy too!
All black everything
So ladies if want you want to blend in that uber chic “awaam” of LSE girls then there’s no better way than wearing all black from head to toe . To spice up your look even more apply that bold shade of lipstick which has been sitting on your vanity since summers. Moreover it’s the perfect look for those sudden plans that we Lse-ites are so fond of making, aren’t we :p
Fur coats or mufflers
So if you really want to standout rather than blending in with the awaam, then pairing a sleeveless fur coat or a muffler on a plain black shirt is the key to looking flawlessly trendy.
Sweaters are a staple fashion item for everyone here at LSE, as a long day in campus means you need comfortable clothing.  So pair your sweaters with denim or even tights for a casual look but for those presentation days wear neutral coloured sweaters with black jeans.
Coloured hair
Yes ladies, autumn is the perfect time to change the colour of your hair from boring usual brown to caramel or rich brunette shades and what fun is winter without getting to open your hair every day. So girls get ready to flaunt those wavy locks of hair.
The author is a junior at LSE.
Written By:
Seher Khalid
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