Female Football Lover? Yes I am


As I take a walk down the memory lane I vividly remember Steven Gerard tearing through the wide football ground in that deep red Liverpool jersey of his and dodging the opponent team’s players so effortlessly, the look of sheer determination on his face was truly mesmerizing. The deafening screams of the fans in the Anfield stadium as they gathered to cheer one of the most competent team of the English Premier League and their chants of “you’ll never walk alone”, made me realize how football was more than just a game for them. And being a Liverpool fan I simply can’t resist mentioning their historic win in the 2005 Champions League Final against AC Milan as they made an epic comeback in the second half and won the trophy by leading the penalties by 3-2 after extra time. Even after twelve years the memory of that moment still give me goosebumps.

And so you all must be thinking that being a girl how I came to appreciate those 90 minutes of pure action in which more than 22 people are running after a small ball, well to be honest guys it’s not that hard because when you see the adrenaline flowing through the players as they set their eyes at the football and the euphoria that you sense and feel around you by looking at the match on your TV screens is just so addictive and contagious, and not to forget that glorious moment when your absolute fave footballer just makes the right move at the right time and makes the ball go hurling all the way into the goal post, these are the moments the football fans live for, and so it’s really easy to lose yourself in these moments .

Furthermore, how can I forget that being a girl it’s an absolute treat to watch such hot guys play :p Well for once I remember how Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines around the world for his impeccable performance in the FIFA World Cup 2006, but for a 10 year old me it was my secret crush on him that made me watch all his matches. But it was the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa which actually made me fall in love with this sport and seal the deal of my interest in football. Spain was the team I was cheering for partly because it was one of the best international soccer teams, but mainly because of David Villa, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres. These players are forever going to have my heart as I remember them striding in the football field with their fiery trademark Spanish looks, by the way Spanish men are the hottest in case you guys didn’t know ! And that WakaWaka song by Shakira made all those moments worth watching all over again and again.

So LSE-ites just the way you guys are crazy about football, girls are too, just maybe not for the same reasons :p

The writer is a Liverpool fan and junior at LSE.

Written By:

Seher Khalid