Feminism: A Glorified Crown? Or Something We Need To Understand?


Feminism: A Glorified Crown? Or Something We Need To Understand?

Living in the 21st century and getting ourselves engaged in this race to become the epitome of modernity is what surrounds us these days. Midst of this, a book called “The Modern Era”, lies a chapter on Feminism.

We have seen many girls in our universities, colleges and schools who wear the glorified crown of feminism and justify every absurd theory or logic that they have against men and for women. You might be familiar with all the modern girls (with an apostrophe) statements like “Girls are the best”, “Girls can do anything and get away with it” and “Girls just rule the world”, and it is quite understandable when you are unable to decipher the meaning out of these ludicrous statements.

The point that we all fail to see or the point which we all overlook is that this isn’t a “Man’s Man’s Man’s World” like James Brown said, this world doesn’t need a Queen B and being best, right and likeable has nothing to do with whatever gender you possess. Proving your worth, getting your share of respect and being yourself isn’t determined by a chromosome X, it is just dependent upon who we want ourselves to be and what we think we are capable of.

Women like to bash men by justifying their actions on feminism whereas we are just imitating men in what they have done all these years. Instead of eliminating male chauvinists we have just bred female chauvinists into this world and created more havoc. In this war to prove which gender wins we have forgotten that this was never a race to begin with. To make this world a peaceful place to live in, we must get ourselves acquainted with terms like empathy, sympathy, justice, right and respect. Feminism means equality not that women are better than men. This is against the essence of the school of thought that some women so daringly try to become a part of.

So the next time you meet a girls who calls herself a feminist and claims that her gender makes her superior OR a boy who thinks that being a man can justify anything, just tell that girl to look up Feminism on Google and to that boy ? It’s better if you leave him to his shallow brain. And I am not saying this because I am a man; I am also a woman who identifies herself as a Feminist but not a pseudo feminist because I care about this world.

Author : Ghina Haroon
Title: Content Writer
E-mail: aghina_haroon@hotmail.co.uk

(The article is written by a Lahore School student , enrolled in second year BBA/BSC)