As we all know the first few weeks at any new university are tough for every freshman, Lahore School Economics, having it’s own vibe is like my second home now. But this doesn’t mean I was smooth in settling in a new environment since the beginning! So here’s a list of my thoughts on Lahore School of Economics at the first month of the semester;

The never ending walks

Lahore school is a HUGE campus spread across 35 acres, and it’s very easy for a new freshie to get lost in this enormous maze, it takes a week or two just to settle in, get to know every block and get used to the endless walking from the main entrance to the other ends of the campus such as the SBS Library, but eventually you get the hang of it.
Imagine ending up at a completely different corner of LSE at the peak time of your class. Yikes!


The first thing that I noticed, Lahore school uniquely has peacocks! Well I thought having peacocks on campus is one-off, giving the campus a beauty of its own!

Lahore school is a world of its own!

Within the city of Lahore lies another completely different world, and this is Lahore school itself, another thing that I witnessed when I came here.

From stunning peacocks to romantic strolls in Shumayla Garden,

From Main café’s Chinese to endless gossiping (or naps) in the SBS Library.

No matter what time it is of the day, the campus is filled with life and something inevitably happening in every corner of the campus.

Attendance matters a lot!

Moreover, I am sure the main shocker to every freshman was to know that attendance matters, not just attendance basically everything, how late you enter the class, how much attentive you are during class, bringing your name plates, how much you participate in class, affects your entire grade.

So goodbye to those non serious days of A level. This is a wake up call to get serious and start off your undergraduate lives!

Lahore school has 3 major cafés !

When hunger strikes, after taking two consecutive classes, Lahore school is not behind in it’s multiple choices of food and different ambiances just to chill and hangout with your fellow friends, at free time. As looking for cafés is the first thing freshman usually when coming into a new university! Am I right?

The Main café; which is the hub for satisfying your hunger and fresh food is served such as, Pulao, Biryani, Chinese, Pasta. The Garden café; which is a former sports complex turned cafe, where mostly all birthday surprises tend to take place, as I’ve noticed. The Sports café; that is right next to the basket ball court, easy and convenient for 15 minute break in between consecutive classes, (if you have classes in Auds near the SBS library). Lets not forget the café is famously known for helping you spy through the window on your people of interest, without them ever knowing!

Well freshman, I’m sure that these are a few things you might have noticed when you first came to Lahore School of Economics. Though, the start may be hard, but I’m sure each of us will enjoy every bit of the journey and cherish the memories that Lahore school has to offer and soon fall in love with the campus.

The author is a freshman at LSE.

Aiza Ali,
First year, Section A.