Your GUIDE to choosing the right MAJOR!


The transition from first to second year is something that all LSE-ites have faced, for some it has been a pleasant experience, however for most it has been very daunting and scary as hell. As you finish first year, the only question that is lingering on your mind is which majors to choose. So from experience I can say that the top most factor that matters most in choosing your majors in LSE is your friends’ choice of majors, as I’ve heard this phrase way too many times now “Yar jo tu karey ga wohi mein, bhai sath sath rahein ge :p” However believe it or not these people are in for a very rude awakening because LSE plays the role of separating you, I correct myself ,tearing you apart from your friends very well .

So the end result being that you’ll find yourself standing in long queues outside S2 and hoping that they would reunite you and your long lost friends. *I’m sorry to be waking you up from your dream, but the chances of this happening are very slim, so brah you’re stuck in there, might as well enjoy*

Next comes the regret which you’re likely to face if you’ve chosen the wrong majors thanks to your friends. So here’s a little guide on how to choose your majors correctly if you want your remaining 3 years to be tolerable.

So guys I know how everyone wants to just get into Marketing and Media considering that LSE ki 90% awaam is there and everyone just perceives that degree to be rainbows and unicorns. *sighs, if only it was that easy*. Well I’m sorry to interrupt your carefully made up fantasy but just like every degree here in LSE, Marketing and Media has its fair share of bumps in the road that are likely to challenge even the most competitive students. This degree pushes you to your fullest potential in order to carve out the hidden creativity in you. And creativity right there is the very essence of this degree. So you might as well ditch those friends and relatives of yours who think ke CGPA nhi aya hoga isliye marketing media keraha hai, *eye rolls*.

Next up is the degree that promises to turn you into marketers and financiers at the same time. Yes you’ve guessed it right, its Marketing and Finance. It has all those 4 CGPA students and yes girls, their future is brighter than your highlighters 😛 It’s by far one of the best degrees of LSE and each year hundreds of students try to get in it, only to be stopped by the illogical reason of not meeting up the minimum 3.3 CGPA. Well this is entirely another unreasonable argument, which we’ll dwell on some other time. However, if students don’t get into Marketing and Finance, they have the choice of going into Accounts and Finance, which most do when they’re rejected by the Marketing degree.

Then there are the Economics majors paired with every subject you can think of, so there is a wide variety of subjects you can study along with Economics. And LSE being Lahore School of Economics, the emphasis on Economics means that you’re in very good hands while pursuing this degree.

Last but not the least are the social science majors which also give you the liberty to be studied with a variety of other subjects like Political Science, English just to name a few .

So LSE-ites be diligent while choosing your majors as the right majors is the only ticket to your ideal career.

The author is a junior at LSE

Written By:

Seher Khalid

BSc III sec E