A guide to Lahore’s tangy streetfood for the foodie in you


Pakistan is home to many cultures and beliefs. Pakistani cuisine range is unbelievably wide for those who love food. Each city of Pakistan is known for its unique taste in food, the most famous one being Lahore. The capital of the province of Punjab has been receiving increased attention because of the exquisite trend of ‘fine dining’ and various cuisines from all over the world being offered in Lahore. However, the true essence of Lahori food lies in the skills of vendors in a street or other public locations. Lahori street food is comparatively different from food offered in restaurants. Consumers of street food have a high level of tolerance for spices. The high heat in these dishes is the key ingredient to numerous delicious dishes that you can’t stop eating. In all likelihood, eating up street food may give you a stomach ache but it will totally be worth it.

Here are a list of the most famous dhabas for the foodie in you:

Butt ki Karahi 

Located on Lakshmi Chowk, there are 7-8 shops of this eatery, however we don’t know which the real one is. It is well known for its Karahi as you must have already figured out from its name. It is a low maintenance eatery with food that is bursting with flavor.


Taj Puri Halwa

Lahori’s most favorite breakfast is Halwa Puri and Tajpuri Halwa is the best choice to have a perfect breakfast with a historic view. It is located in the streets of Texali Gate, opposite Badshahi Masjid.  They have the most delicate puris one can find. You should definitely pay a visit to Taj Puri Halwa if you’re in that part of town!


Muhammadi Nihari

Muhammadi Nihari is spread all across Lahore. It has branches in Gulberg, Cantt and Johar Town. Stew consisting of slow cooked meat, mainly beef or lamb is one of the dishes that Lahoris like the most. This hot and tangy dish is one of the most sold items of Lahore.


Amritsari Hareesa

Situated at Nisbat Road near Lakshmi Chowk, it is a two floored building with probably not the most hygienic environment but they do serve some pretty good Hareesa that will leave you licking your fingers.


Riaz Falooda

Not only Lahoris but all the residents of Pakistan have a very sweet tooth. As much as we enjoy eating tangy dishes, we crave for dessert just as much.  Riaz Falooda bowl is definitely a taste of heaven. Ice cream, ice and Falooda itself topped with coconut shavings is a dream come true for everyone who is addicted to desserts.

The author is a freshman at LSE.

Sarah Zahid

First Year