If Wakar Zaka was an LSE Graduate


If Wakar Zaka was an LSE Graduate.

Boss :’Mian tmhain FINE kr don ga.’

WBut Boss main nay ap ko bola kia hai? 

Boss :

For Wearing Round collar Shirt.

For demanding the ‘change of menu’ in Main cafe


For $&^okin*  on the benches of Shumaila Garden.

For Saying Hi to a ‘Marketing media‘ girl at Basketball court.

For touching the Peacocks.

-For sitting at the cricket ground, after 5….. (if you know what I mean ;))

-Being late for class even though there was fog, almost killed a dog and almost got hit by a truck!

For telling the teacher ‘Ma’am Break dae daen’.

-For sneaking up to the roof of aud 8,9,10

For staying in LSE after 6:15 pm…

(This article is a work of satire and aimed for entertainment purpose ONLY)