Intisar Haider a.k.a “Inti Bhai” in an exclusive interview


Capturing the small moments in life as they pass by and giving meaning to them through photography is what every passionate photographer strives for. And so LSE-ites, there is that   one person in campus too who’s always there to capture every aspect of your life at LSE, from your birthdays to your presentations, from the fierce football matches to the friendly rounds of table tennis you play with your friends, from your twinning sessions with your buddies to the moments you spend lazing around in the Shumayla Garden, he’s got everything covered. He’s the man behind putting life into your otherwise not so interesting university experience and keeping you informed of everything happening on campus and even off campus too. I’m sure by now all of you must have guessed that it’s the guy you all famously refer to as “inti bhai”, though I’m not sure how he feels about being called “bhai”:p . So to unveil the real guy behind the lenses, he spared a few minutes from his busy schedule and decided to give us an interview. So guys get ready as we catch Intisar Shah off guard in this exclusive interview!

Q) Your educational background?

A) I joined LSE in 2013 and did my MBA in marketing. I wanted to join LSE for my Bachelors too, but was told that “ LSE ka mahul acha nhi hai” why aren’t we surprised :p

Q) How were you as a student?

A) I was a very good student, I had a 3.8 CGPA and I have been a TA as well, though I’ll tell you this too, CGPA doesn’t really matter. However in my 2nd year of MBA my CGPA fell to 3.4 as I though ke bohat parhlia hai, let’s explore LSE now. Also when I was a student, I used to have a camera with me in class all the time.

Q) Tell about your photography background?

A) I started photography some 20 years back. Initially I started with a Minolta camera, then switched to a Digital camera.

Q) The story behind Life at LSE?

A) * Takes a deep breath*, (this is going to be interesting 😀 ) ,  So initially I was offered the position of the admin of LSE’s Facebook page in 2014, as the main issue that was raised at that time was of an unknown person managing that FB page. However, in 2015 I came up with the idea of LSE having its own account on Snapchat managed by me and named as Life at LSE. My main motivation behind all this was to cater to those people who used to say that there’s no life in LSE , so hence the name Life at LSE . Initially I used to go to every student for pictures and never promoted it on social media. And now just after 2 years, Life at LSE has 3000 views on Snapchat daily. Also, I feel honoured and proud to say that LSE was the first University that initiated this, followed by LUMS and Kinnaird. * We feel proud too, round of applause for him, everyone! *

Q) Work experience other than Life at LSE?

A) I’ve worked in a bank for a year and have been a General Manager for a clothing company as well. Moreover, I also do wedding photography by the name of Reves by Inti and children photography by the name of Cushiez. And in the next few years I hope to have established my own business (agar LSE meri jaan chor de, winks).

Q) Your favourite personalities?

A) Sir Fareedy and Waseem Akram

Q) Political views?

A) PTI forever and always

Q) Any plans of getting married soon and settling down?

A) Soon. smiles awkwardly and blushes

Q) Anything interesting regarding your Job at LSE?

A) chuckles I’m the only guy in LSE administration and sometimes people even send very weird things to put on the story :p Also, everybody thinks that I’m in 4th year and people are always approaching to take selfies with me and I always decline. (People or girls Inti? :D)

Q) One word to describe yourself?

A) Two words actually, passionate and deep.

Q) Any advice to the young generation?

A) If you want to bring about a change then you have to start from the scratch as there are no shortcuts to it, and no one is ever going to help you, it’s your journey alone.

The author is a junior at LSE.

Written By:

Seher Khalid



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