Lahore will not Bleed again


Lahore will not bleed again

Lahore, a city of diverse culture and rich ancestry is yet again covered in a shroud of terrorism, making its mark on the lives of innocent and naïve civilians at the mall road today. This is the first attack of such nature after the retirement of the former Chief of army staff Gen Raheel Shareef. During the time of former cheif, Pakistan stood firm on the vision of snuffing the terrorism out of the motherland for which ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ had been a key milestone in the history of Pakistan. The vengeance of the ‘APS attack ‘united the entire nation and all the leadership along with the establishment stood shoulder to shoulder to do everything in their power to cut terrorism by the roots and make this country an epicenter of peace in the region.

But today, we are faced with the same crisis as we were before the military operation in the North of the country. Is this happening all over again? Are we free and safe to go out? Can our children be safe when they leave for schools and colleges? Will there ever be an era of tranquility in our lives?


We have bled a lot. We have suffered a lot. My people can no longer be the victim for being innocent. We cannot afford to give air to this fire to breathe again. This has to be stopped and this has to be stopped now. The blood of our martyrs yearn for retribution. Let there be no stone unturn to how we defend our nation.

With the progression of Pakistan’s economic stability and projects like CPEC, Pak-Iran gas pipeline, Pakistan’s growing strong relationship with Russia , everlasting friendship with China and strategic alliance with Turkey, Pakistan marks its way at the dawn of a new era. And this dawn, where it’ll bring a glorious sunshine of a better tomorrow, it is feared by some powers who’s absolute vested interest is to destabilize the state.  Not to forget, the upcoming PSL (Pakistan Super league) finale is set out to be in Lahore as well. The possibility of this horrendous act of cowardice to threaten the return of international cricket to Pakistan cannot be ruled out. This isn’t radical terrorism; this is a carefully strategic plot to hit us. At this critical time where we face menacing threats, Pakistan has the silver linings for tremendous opportunities which would prove to the world our true potential and our sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. And to those who wish us ill fate, my Qaid has responded at the birth of this nation,

“There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan.”

..And every son, every daughter of this nation breaths upon this motto.

We, the nation, stand united and strong against any force; any cult that casts an evil shadow upon our homeland and the whole nation is in support to the Pak Army and all the intelligence institutions which served the very purpose of Pakistan’s existence.  Where people feel that Gen.Raheel’s retirement has left us in the open unattended, I think it’s also an intimation of how discipline and chartered the institution guarding our boarders is. There is not a flick of a doubt that those responsible for this will be brought to justice soon. The nation is thankful and honored at the sacrifices our ‘Jawan’s’ made for our safety. The unparallel endeavors of the military to stabilize peace and prosperity in the region can have no equal.  For that, the nation salute, ‘SALAM PAK ARMY.

Pakistan is far stronger and far more secure than it was 5 years ago. We’ve learned to build our fears into our strength, and there no stopping this nation for reaching new heights of success.


Pakistan, ZINDABAD.


MD.Sikandar Bashir

Founding President LSNB/ Contributing Writer.

Lahore News and Broadcast Society

(The Author of this article is a proud patriotic Pakistani and alumni of Lahore School of Economics batch of 2016)