Let’s cut some slack and howl against bitter reality!


Under the umbrella of LSE, we are equal as what our holistic religion claims, ‘equality of humans’ in concern of our caste and color; so does the ‘equality of students’ in case of Lahore School of Economics. But why do we find ourselves differentiating within a class, or a group of people as one chunk is considered low with respect to studies against the ones considered as the brains of society? Why is this scale of superiority being knotted with our GPAs’, neither the personalities, nor the capabilities, exposure, vocals, empiricism, acuity which is accompanied in a single body of this noted business school! If those with lesser GPAs are considered ‘low’ by these so-called cosmetic brainy, intelligent robots, then we are at mistake! Half of the every class is filled up bodies who are struggling to attain the grades in same way as like the achievers, yet if they are behind in race of excelling, than they had put the right effort too. Might be their interpretation of a compact, competent body is different from extreme grade achievers of same class.

We shouldn’t forget that LSE is accepting plenty of students who have been migrating, not because they have been fulgent and the lambent cows of their previous institutes but because they were kicked out with some flimsy reasons of actual failures in hand when heading to LSE. We should be proud of this institute who serves as a lustrous home for such deficient agonize, consulting LSE in the hour of need.

As a matter of fact, the rebellions with diverse natured capabilities have risen from this holistic institute in the practical field than those beating against the bush for GPA attainment. With the failures they were awarded with, they have gotten complexion to rise again, and got what we call, ‘steel of nerves’ by the contingent carelessness of the past. With the participation of students in different curriculums, in different societies of the school, and diverse social activities, they start nailing the combat of practical knowledge that every job providing firm in the market requires. It is quite fortunate that the business market doesn’t go with high scoring folks, but what LSE bestows its students matter them the most. Exposure of a compact Business environment is triumphing node for such comparatively lesser GPA students are nurtured with. Quality is what worth the dollars against dimes, instead of the apparent gaze that our empty, hollow CVs with extreme GPAs depict. Yes, with the favoritism, biases and bigotry, the mediocre chunk of students face do not weaken them in any aspect of success, but the hardships nurtures the silver to purity.

In synopsis, it is worthy to say that every degree, every course and every grade is an objective and pivotal attention for every student struggling in auditoriums of this auspicious institute. Yet if you’re indulged with such narcissism to call such scums low, then we all should bow for your lowness and disparity because at this age of maturity, you’re just sticker ofthe rule, ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’, which wasyour kindergarten teachers hardened stickto taught nerds like you.

Irzam Raza

Contributing Writer-LSNB

BBA IV-Majors in Marketing and Finance