Things you pine for after coming to LSE!


Coming to a new university is an experience in its own, but starting a new chapter means leaving the memories behind. Whether you’re an outstation student or not, whether you’re a freshman or a sophomore, here’s a list of things you are bound to long for;
1. Maa kay hath ka khana

To every outstation student, though LSE is not behind in having a range of freshly cooked meals, but there is nothing compared to home cooked meals, so point number 1 definitely goes out to you. Mama’s cooked Biryani, Keema, Haleem are most hard things to let go of.

2. Your old college/school

Whether you were an A level student or an FSc student, we all tend to criticize about any aspect of our school, but admit it or not, after the school days come to an end, those carefree days are solely missed.

3. Your school friends

And obviously the best part about going to school was socializing with your friends, but wherever you are or no matter how many new friends you make along the way, nothing can be compared to your school friends, I’m sure many of you would agree to this!

4. When parhai season was only from April-May

To every O&A Level student at Lahore School, we all can pretty much relate to this that studying was only a few months headache when CIE’s were   nearly approaching. While, the other months were just for chilling around and pretending you were studying in front of your teachers and parents, when secretly all of us were watching our favourite shows on Netflix. Hoping to ‘just pass’ in your school mids and mocks, because ‘grade tou CIE ka matter karta hai’.

5. Bunking your classes whenever you wanted to

Oh those glorious days! When you could easily bunk your class without having the fear of your attendance affecting your grade. Though sometimes many of you might have been caught while bunking classes, but that was the fun part!

6. Not living on a student budget

Living on your own may seem fun, but it’s more of a struggle rather than thrill. This is why one of the things you might long for is not worrying about paying your own expenses before coming to LSE and again, outstation students! This one is for you.

7. Privacy 

If you’re living at hostel you’ll be able to understand this, on another level. You might be living with your friends in a rented apartment or sharing dorms with completely new people!  Where there is absolutely no privacy as compared to home. So if you’re a reserved person who tends to enjoy their alone time, wave that goodbye.

The author is a freshman at LSE.

Aiza Ali, Section A-First Year