For us, being well educated has everything to do with what schools we went to as kids, what universities we went to as adults and what educational accomplishments we were able to bag during all these years. It is sad actually. In the midst of grabbing the chance to get their kids enrolled in the best educational institutions out there, our dear parents forget that education was never something so material to begin with.

The ideology of our adults unintentionally trickles down to the younger generation and becomes imprinted in the society forever. It is a hard ideology to get rid of. We judge people on their educational institutions, we think highly of ourselves if we go to a better one and we ruin our lives just to get into a socially acceptable and highly regarded institute. Take a moment for that to sink in. What have we done to something as prestigious and sacred as education?

We have done absolutely nothing which we cannot undo. Instead of weighing our education according to our institutes, our grades and our books lets go beyond these self created boundaries and really get educated. Start reading books, read things that interest you, something which is not necessarily a part of your course book. Watch documentaries, interesting movies, and even cartoons if it adds to your knowledge. Travel around the world, around your country and visit old sites and museums. Listen to music and enhance your creativity. Make art and embrace it ! Just move away from this restricting tradition.

There is a life out there, so many opportunities to take benefit from, take benefit before these opportunities stop knocking your door. Do not make your grades a matter of life and death and please let not your course book be the only book you ever read!.Go beyond the course books and beyond the materialism to realize what education is; education of the mind, of the soul and of your being. Don’t insult it by restricting it.

Author – Ghina Haroon
Position – Content Writer
(This article is written by a 3rd year student, enrolled in Double Major Finance and Marketing at Lahore School of Economics)