LSE Girls all the way!


Hey everyone, can you still feel the euphoria and excitement in the air as LSE-ites gather in the Football Ground, Basketball Court and Garden Café to cheer on the energetic players, if yes then you’re still not over the LSE Tri-Series fever. However, let this fever linger on a little, after all our sportsmen and sportswomen made LSE proud by their energetic display of unending talent at this event. This sports event spanned over 3 days and had every LSE-ite wondering who was going to be winning the team trophy. Well they had every right to be intrigued by this event as our players were up against two extremely skilled and trained university teams and those were LUMS, UMT and GCU.

Moreover, according to the sports representatives, this year a large number of students both male and female displayed astonishing enthusiasm and zeal in this event. So this event consisted of various sports for both boys and girls, from Chess and Volleyball to Hockey and from Basketball and Futsal to Badminton. However there was one clear winner when it came to deciding that who played better; girls or boys? Yes I know you all must be thinking that boys are better than girls at sports, duhhhh :p however you couldn’t be more wrong as it were the girls who lifted the team trophy by winning majority of the sports and beating such trained teams of LUMS and UMT . A round of applause for these girls everyone! LSE girls ruled the playing fields by beating LUMS and UMT in Basketball, Netball, Table Tennis and Badminton. A special shout out to the girls Basketball team with their fiery players who had everyone amazed by their spectacular performance. Way to go girls!

LSE girls are not only active in sports, but this time a lot of girls from freshman and sophomore year signed up for societies too and their enthusiasm and keenness in extracurricular activities is commendable . Moreover most of the societies have females as their Presidents and they’re as competent as their male counterparts and they participate and represent LSE in events that take place in other universities too. Also, majority of the faculty in LSE consists of female instructors who did their Bachelors and Masters from LSE. It is also noted that in every class its actually the girls who have 4.0 CGPA’s :p , hence LSE is playing its role in women empowerment very effectively .

So here’s to LSE girls, may you always make us proud by your astounding performances!

The author is a junior at LSE.

Written By:

Seher Khalid

BSc III sec E

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