LSE Gym: A Rotting Gem


Hey guys! Ever thought of losing a those few extra kilos of weight that never seem to go away, no matter how many times you walk from one end of campus to the other? If yes, then it’s time for you guys to hit the LSE gym. Now all of you must be thinking that does a gym exist in LSE and even if it does who would ever want to pay a visit to a place that remotely resembles a warehouse. Well that’s where you are wrong guys, it might be the most neglected place of LSE but it has a lot of potential i.e. it has all sorts of exercise machines required to get the body that you’ve always wanted! The reason behind its current dusty state can be owed to negligence by many stakeholders who till now have been unsuccessful in attracting students to this amazing place. So this part of LSE should be brought back to life, making it the most talked about place in campus. Hence now let’s ponder upon the ways how it could be done.

Firstly, all the gym equipment could be moved to that newly built room in Garden Café because nobody wants to be working out under the scrutiny of curious onlookers.

Secondly, a certified fitness trainer should be hired who can help out students by motivating them to work out and demonstrate how to carry out various exercises and routines. The trainer can also organize and lead sessions that include aerobic exercises, stretching, meditation etc.

Thirdly, caretakers should also be hired who are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment so that every machine looks as polished and sleek as ever which is very important for the gym’s external outlook. Furthermore the members of the newly made fitness society should showcase their abilities and play a positive role in carrying out all the responsibilities mentioned above, which would indirectly help to promote their society too.

So fall is already here and if you guys want to fit in those skinny jeans of yours and that Zara sweater, then wait no more and head over to your university’s very own gym!

The author is a junior at LSE.

Written By:

Seher Khalid