LSE a place to chill?


When you finally enroll in LSE, a realization comes to you soon, that there are several elements which are carried out differently in here, than the other universities. So we shall explore these unique elements by providing a narration of a new student’s life.

Initially when you clear the test and pass the interview, people will tell you how it’s a piece of cake, as almost everyone is able to do that! Well, second to that, when you cry over long breaks between classes or quizzes you shall be interrupted by comments like, ‘Come on its just LSE, chill scene hay.’ Ultimately, there comes a point where you ‘have’ to keep these people at bay because speaking from experience the more you try liking it here, the more you eventually do.

LSE, is not that easy after all. I remember how I was trying to figure out the flow of my routine, when I was literally dumped by this midterm email, in the first year. 6 steps up the ladder and I was done. Later, receiving all these projects and term submission deadlines, where we had to form groups! Haha, you get me here don’t you?  Forming a group is the scariest nightmare. Well, this is where all of us become diplomats. So yeah, cheers to being more practical than ever!

While all this is happening, the S2 makes its appearance with a degree selection form. Where many students realize, how non serious they have been throughout the year. When that 3.3 CGPA criteria is a label to achieve and qualify for not being here by choice but ending up here by luck. To which I disagree as some people like me join LSE for LSE and enjoy every day here! No pun intended, whatsoever. Weather it’s arguing in S2 for getting a transfer to the social sciences programme or getting my grades fixed on the portal, it still manages to be my second home.

The list hasn’t truly ended as yet. How could we forget the idea of never having the choice to pick our instructors and the courses we want to study? When even the electives we have are our compulsory courses. We all envy our A level friends of having that choice in an ‘xyz’ university. But do you see how we are super far away from all that real chaos caused by course registration? And oh, when you receive the notion, ‘Sorry, no space left’ in the class of that hot instructor, whose class you desperately wanted to be a part off?  Hahah, at least here luck determines most of the things, so that you don’t regret any decisions made, just like coming to LSE!

Being a sophomore now, that’s an account from my diary as a freshman. Do you still think, LSE is just a place to chill?

The author is a sophomore at LSE.

Written By

Amna Noor Malhi