• The Entry hassle: whenever we visit LUMS whether to visit a friend or to enjoy the everyday happening festivals, We always get stopped at the gate by the annoyed guard and get inquired and if you forget your id Card………………..May God help you My friend!!

  • The Perfect Buildings: No doubt LSE is beautiful but whenever an LSEite visit LUMS they always adore the greenery and the beautiful edifice.

  • The much Famous ‘Khoka’ : LSE does not lack good cafeterias but there sure is something catchy about that ‘khoka’ that attracts us towards it. Maybe it’s the surrounding ambiance , the round tables and benches or just the availability of junk food to nibble on .The first spot we turn towards is the Khoka.

  • The EATERIES ( Jammin Java ,Subway , Bombay Chowpati) !!: LUMS is literally like a food street  , dream of an LSEITE. Who  doesn’t enjoy GOOD food in university hours without the need of taking out cars from the crowded parking lot.  So even if an Lseite visits LUMS for 2 hours , eating there is a sure thing.

  • ZAKIR TIKKA! : All eateries aside, LUNCH Feels like a blessing if you can enjoy mouth-watering delicious ‘karhai#  . I am sure all LSEites  envy this part of LUMS and make sure to enjoy the ‘makhni karhai’ whenever they are there.

  • THE ACADMEIC BLOCK MAZE. Nightmare!!!!! Finding the correct academic block feels like  a nightmare .A16 , A5 or frankly anyone of them its a maze and if the LSEite is visiting for the first time without a guide, good luck man!!

  • PICTURES! : Oh , i am sure no one misses the chance to click hundreds of pictures and post them on instagram and other social sites to feel cool like its a palace everyone wants to visit and you’ll get a crowm for that. ( no offence)

  • Crazy Events! : If you go on an event you feel envious of the fact that something is always happening. PSIFI , CARNIVALS , DRAMAFESTS AND MANY MORE  but we always go there to be a part of the wonderful carnivals.

  • NIGHT WALKS : If we go to LUMS and we don’t have a curfew on our head, we make sure that we enjoy the long walks on its beautiful streets at night and if its winter time the fun is doubled with a hot cup of tea from the ‘khoka’. Sadly you have to leave before midnight ‘Cinderella’.

  • Parking: Since you are not a Luminite , you can’t park inside and finding parking Outside LUMS is a horror.

LUMS is a place where you can go and meet your friends and enjoy delicious food and interesting events without restrictions and I am sure all LSEites enjoy going there.


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