A Mystic Winter At LSE


If you listen carefully, the silence of winter is beautiful…

Everyone’s favourite time of the year is finally here! Yes winters, from enjoying hot chocolate at 2 AM to the love of wearing oversized hoodies, I’m sure everyone is excited as winter approaches, finally getting a break from all the heat and humidity.

Nonetheless LSE itself looks ethereal in this amazing weather! As a thick layer of fog crowds over the campus. So here’s a description of a short journey from Phase 6 to LSE where every popular corner of campus looks magical in this weather.

Let’s start the journey to coming to LSE from Phase 6, for those of you who have early morning classes at 8 AM, will be able to relate to this. As you enter the area of Phase 6, visibility is nearly zero, some of you might be freaked out by the sight as you drive into nothingness, but many might be thrilled to see the sight, as putting on some music and driving into the sight gets you in feels. But remember not to speed no matter how much you want to, remember to stay safe on the road kids!

As you safely get to LSE, you will witness how beautiful the campus looks in the winter breeze, the chilly wind and how the fog clouds over the trees. Winter mornings have their own specialty.

Not only this, but you may witness as the wind gets more chilly, the Garden Café gets more crowded, which is the perfect way to enjoy the weather gust, gossiping with your friends at free time and sipping a garam garam cup of chai, or you may even play a game of table tennis. Not just the Garden Café but all outdoor areas at LSE get filled with cheer and laughter of people.

Though it gets a bit warm in afternoon but after 4 PM it gets cold again and eventually, at night time as the fog approaches again and with the lights on around the campus, LSE looks even more aesthetic.

So LSE-ites, I’m sure many of you love winters, so enjoy the lovely weather at campus while it lasts!

The writer is a freshman at LSE.

Aiza Ali,

First year, Section A.



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