Our Team

Founding President

MD Sikandar Bashir

With so much happening around us, our opinions become absolutely vital to be expressed in terms of having a better understanding of what we believe is right. Hence, we needed a platform where we, the students can express ourselves and try to make a difference for a better tomorrow. The idea of a News and Broadcasting society is such that the young students at Lahore School are given the opportunity to be voice of a positive change. The flag bearers of nascent modern age need nourishing in their expression and at LSNB we value every opinion and the strings it attaches to how the world is blinked upon in different shades of interpretation.

It’s a beginning of an exciting journey into a new perspective, discovering what we really believe from deep inside. LSNB welcomes you to the new horizon of something far more exciting than any other extracurricular society throughout Pakistan has to offer for developing a competitive skill set of self confidence, opinion and motivation to make an impact in the world through yourself.


Syed Ali Abid

This is my about us section. Where i tell you guys about myself. But I'm really lazy because I’m hungry. I could honestly use a Happy meal. Okay , Laugh Out Loud. But hey. I’m a Fluffy Human being. I’m always here to help humanity. Oh and. If you feel sad, down, low or just feel like giving up on Life. I’m always available to give free Big Fluffy Hugs.

Vice President, LSNB

Arisha Mujtaba

Bol ke Labb azad hain ✌🏻 Dedicated towards providing a platform to LSE students to showcase their skills while grooming my own. A finance student at university, an annoying sister at home and an artist at heart.

Editor in chief

Mahrukh Chaudhary

The one who makes sure that the content keeps flowing. Enthusiastic, happy go lucky and passionate to achieve set goals. An aspiring guitarist and soon to be a marketer.

Deputy Editor in Chief

Syed Talal Shah

You wouldn’t be wrong if you call me a history freak. Yes I love history and find myself a history buff.I take keen interest in current affairs and International Relations. Other than that I am fond of public speaking. I also like reading, watching movies, tv shows,playing tennis and I am quite passionate about mind games like Chess.

General Secretary

Saad Ahmed

Chill tareen gen sec you'll ever get. Jk :p Highly motivated for the betterment of lse and ensuring that LSNB works well with everyone. Highly focused and enthusiastic about news reports in an orderly fashion.

Senior Graphic Designer

Qasim Irfan

A Tech/ IT Enthusiast with Marketing Majors, Traveling is my thing. I Eat lots of food, and love to listen NFAK!

Senior Web Designer

Abdul Rehman A. Mian (ARAM)

Analyst by day; Web, Design, Tech, & Movie by night. Loves web-technology, smartphones, buzz-things and I try to run when I can. Not as geeky as I would like to be, but more a self-confessed foodie and travel addict. I’m a technical writer, web-developer and professional blogger. I have been making websites since early days of WordPress. I’m also very passionate in interviewing the people who interest me.


Content Writer

Sakina Gardezi

A student who treats other activities with equal passion. Hardworking, sociable,love watching seasons and movies, love FOOD and most importantly love talking. Excited to work with an amazing team and to help keeping everyone updated with the happenings on campus.


Content Writer

Humeira Usman

Writing is my passion. I aim to make my articles inspiring and entertaining at the same time. Looking forward to generating lots of positivity and motivation through this amazing platform.

Content Writer

Khadija Muzaffar

The author likes all forms of art, all sorts of dogs, and excels at making lame jokes.

News Reporter

Ameer Farooq

Well personally I like to make things happen which bring a smile on everyone’s face. And really looking forward to making events happen in LSE. Always ready for chilling sessions n food 😀

News Reporter

Abdullah Al Sabah

Always happy 😀 want to move with the best society in LSE. I always work hard and enjoy working with a team. I want to experience LSE with the help of this society because I will be able to know more people.

Content Writer

Maham Khan

International cross country runner. Debater. An amaze balls feminist; trying to spread positive perspectives.

News Reporter

Umair Malik

Im really happy to be a part of a society like LSNB which keeps everyone updated of what’s going on in LSE and specially it’s a student run society. And I’m really looking forward to be with this society and help them in their good work, cheers/

Content Writer

Rubab Ali

News Reporter

Haris Nasir

Looking forward towards wonderful teamwork and lsnb being and staying the most successful and favorite student run society at LSE.