Peace or War ? A tale of two…


Peace or War?
Since the dawn of 14th August 1947, three generations of South Asia have witnessed the clash between the major powers of the region i.e. Pakistan and India. The issue dates back to 1948 when the Indian Armed forced occupied a major area of Kashmir through Guradspur and the conundrum of Kashmir began. Due to Kashmir Conflict the both nations have fought over four wars in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999, loosing thousands of soldiers and the fiscal loss cannot be measured even. Due to lack of pacification, both of the nations are striving to gain military dominance over their counterpart, spending billions of taxpayer’s money each year. Both the countries are the 3rd world under developed nations whose HDI is far below the benchmark. But the irony is, despite lacking basic health and educational infrastructure both of the belligerents are spending a fortune on nuclear and conventional weapons. The question arises, what’s the outcome of this?
Pakistani’s are proud of their efficient nuclear nukes and they should be, but the point is have you ever imagined the aftermath of a nuclear war? Millions will die and the interesting thing is that the key players and policy makers which are the politicians and generals will face no harm. Only the common man or solider is affected by such events. Even today the families and descendents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims are living abnormal lives as the consequences of radiation.
The people of both countries are very much passionate and their patriotism is appreciable but no one is thinking of outcomes of such clashes. If an economically crippled country starts a war then the healthcare, education and development would be paralyzed. The spending on power sector will be affected. Moreover thousands of young soldiers will die.
Peace is the only way to maintain stability in the region which can be achieved by holding bilateral talks and negotiations. It will also help the both the belligerents to open new horizons of trade and economic prosperity. The public should show tolerance and not to be manipulated by the media who is arousing the feeling of hatred towards Indians. Being students of Pakistan’s top class university, we have to alter our opinion against any kind of armed conflict. Located only 15 km from LOC we will be the first ones to be affected. As we have seen in the past that due to potential threats LSE had to be closed. Being Pakistanis our destiny is concomitant with peace. If there is war then there would be no future of ours too.
The author is deputy editor at LSNB.