Security through a traffic prison?


Going down the memory lane shall be the finest way to elaborate this discussion. Hence, highlighting the recent rise of traffic tension caused by the World IX must not be forgotten. Leaving university at 4:45 PM and reaching at 7:55 PM was the maximum travel time, I have ever experienced on my way back home. A 40 minutes’ drive gets dragged to hours and hours of frustration and rage. Not being able to reach my home, while cricket does is the ironic outcome of the traffic plan shaped earlier. From minor to major barriers, the ‘tents’ were tied down everywhere possible for security purposes. But was this all worth it?

Earlier news publishing highlighted the devised ‘smooth’ plan by traffic police but little was it in play on the 12th September. The very day, I left university for home. From Qaddafi stadium to Firdous market to our splendid ex-Kalma Chowk, everything was blocked. What does it leave us to then? Qainchi Flyover, Akbar Chowk and Ferozpur Road? Apart from the traffic being blocked, there were noises of horns and abuses everywhere. That day, oh man that day! I was bound to have a migraine and be ill-prepared for the quiz on 13th. The next day! A tomorrow, showing the same traffic picture but now with a fewer drivers hurling abuses. These must have been the most chaotic days for every Lahori while our patience ensured the security of the players. Apart from my personal experience, the loss of billions faced by local business community is also worth mentioning. Even FCCU was forced to remain close for the whole freaking week. Can we please keep education out of this, at least?

All in all, it went successful as far as security is concerned but little amendments should be made. I truly recognize the importance of the event and present our heartiest congratulation to Pakistan’s Cricket team for winning the series and bringing back smiles on face of every fan. But in order for every citizen to enjoy the heat of the event and express patriotism, the traffic police should plan a more flexible strategy for the next time we get to see the foreign players!

The author is a resident of Gulberg 3 .

Amna Noor Malhi
BS-II Section O

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