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(Note: This article has nothing to do with rules and regulations set by LSE admin. It is purely written for humorous purposes. Team LSNB condemns on-campus smoking practices and completely discourages them)

Let’s face it; we love the life at LUMS and to be honest why shouldn’t we?  Hum jesay charsion k liye tou jannat hai!

The best thing about the campus was not the beautiful buildings, the general atmosphere or the different activities. The best thing was the freedom to smoke anywhere on campus. Yes, LUMS is not a smoking free campus. In LUMS you can just get out of class, stand somewhere and light up your cigarette.

Talking about LSE, as a university there are some interesting rules at LSE for some strange and mysterious reasons. Apart from the no T-shirts except collared shirts and no shawls in the winters, the most interesting rule is no smoking on campus.

Funny enough our students have always had the potential to make ways for themselves so that they are able to survive on campus.

So here is a list of potential places where you could possibly smoke in LSE and the admin should take notice of these places, as those angels walking around in blue uniforms and red caps are always looking up for these kinda places.

  1. Garden Café

One of the most popular smoking spots on campus is the Garden café. People just go and sit at one of the far away tables and smoke easily by just looking out for the angels mentioned above.

  1. Football Ground

The football ground has been one of the places where I have seen people smoking a few times but it has become more difficult since the rise of terrorism. The best place to smoke could be space right under the newly constructed guard’s cabin in the corner of the ground because the guard can look in all directions except downwards. (I say this out of heresy)

  1. The washrooms

The washrooms at LSE appear to be the best hangout spots for smokers after the Garden Café. You will always find one or two students smoking in a corner while a third friend is looking out for those innocent guards.

  1. The area behind auditorium 4

Even I didn’t know about this place until recent times, it was a rainy day and I followed a guy didn’t feel like walking to the washroom so he was like “jou hoga dekhi jayegi”.

  1. The entire campus (when there is a lot of fog)

Let’s be honest here, not even superman can detect the smoke from a cigarette when there is dense fog around the campus. So when you have an 8 AM class in the winters, don’t even bother going to the washroom if it’s during the foggy season people just step out of class and enjoy.

I hope this helps the freshies. For further assistance contact any of your friendly on campus smoking seniors (sarcasm).

The author is a junior at LSE.

Muhammad Ali

BBA III- Section L

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