Garmian!! Here they come. The most dreaded weather in LSE. Girls and boys get ready to sweat under the scorching heat. Don’t forget your summer caps, sunscreen and umbrellas to save yourself from getting tan. Some things your can do to tolerate these summers are:

  1. Keep a water bottle with you all the time. Bring it from home or buy it from university. It helps to keep you cool.
  2. Stay low on anger. Forgive and forget because in summers everyone needs to show patience towards each other. May it be in the parking lot or buying food from cafeteria or tolerating the other persons stink.
  3. Help each other. Share a drink. Don’t play stupid pranks. Stay out of the sun. Also share an umbrella.
  4. Spend your free slots in SBS, MC 2 or the main library. Also for the freshies, TRC is one of the coolest areas in LSE during summers. These are alternates to when you don’t get a seat in the main café or sports café.
  5. Wear light clothes (yeah, like I need to tell that to you guys).
  6. In the parking lot, when girls are rushing to their bus, people give them the freedom to cross before you speedily rush the car out of LSE. They have to walk in the scorching sun to get to their bus.
  7. Umbrellas are a must because the sun literally burns your skin. You can also wear scarfs or any other thing that saves you from the sun.

Stay safe and hydrated in summers.