Ten Most Underrated Tourist Spots in Pakistan


Ten Most Underrated Tourist Spots in Pakistan

Our country of Pakistan is full of natural beauty as well as manmade structures. Major tourist spots are Naran,Kaghan,Hunza,Kashmir etc. But most of the people are unaware of the many other hidden gems of Pakistan that’s why I decided share the Ten Most Underrated Tourist Spots in Pakistan.

10-Fort Munro

Fort Munro also known as Tuman Laghari is a hill station located only 85 km away from Dera Ghazi Khan. The interesting fact about this city is that it stands in the vicinity of scorching hot and barren lands of DG Khan but still maintains its beauty along with a cold and snowy weather. It is named after the former British Commissioner of DG Khan Colonel Munro. It’s surely a hidden gem that lies in matrix of a desert.


9-Noor Mahal

The Noor is a palace built by Nawab Sir Sadiq Khan Abbasi IV for his wife in the city and state of Bahawalpur. It is one of the master pieces of Abbasi Architecture in Bahawalpur State. Its construction was completed in 1875 with the expense estimated to be around 1.2 million rupees. Unluckily the wife of Nawab stayed for only one night in the palace because of the view of a graveyard from her balcony which crept her out. The marvelous palace built of Italian architecture still stands with the same eternal beauty and elegance. Now it’s part of the Bahawalpur Cantonment and is controlled by the Army.

8-Rohtas Fort

Qilla Rohtas or Rohtas Fort is a fortress located near the city of Jehlum. It was built during a period of eight years in the forties of 16th Century by the Pashtoon ruler of India named Sher Shah Suri. When Suri ousted the Mughal Emperor Humayun, the local Potohari tribes rebelled against him. So he built this gigantic fort to counter the attacks of the tribal skirmishers. The might fort today stands as the masterpiece of Suri Dynasti and can be visited while traveling through the GT road.


Ziarat is one of the most beautiful natural places in Pakistan to visit. The city of Ziarat stands 130 km away from Quetta. The massively spread juniper forests are magical enough to cast a spell on the visitors. Ziarat is honored to have the Quaid-e-Azam residency where the Father of Nation spent his farewell days. Tourists can be amused by the natural panoramas and the snowfall weather.

6-Ranikot Fort

Ranikot Fort is a large historical fortress located in the Jamshoro District, Sindh. It is believed to be the largest fort in the world with a circumference of about 26km. It is also included in the list UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The exact history of this site is unknown but it is believed to build during the times of Parthians or Scythians. Do visit this place whenever you go to Sindh.


Mohenjador is an archeological site in the Sindh province, near the city of Larkana. Mohenjodaro means the Hill of the Dead. It is believed to be one of the oldest man made residential areas in the world. The city was one of the largest settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization. The history of this city dates back to 2500 BC.

4-Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is located in the Chitral District of KPK. It is the home of Kalashi People who are believed to be the descendants of Alexander the Great as he came to conquer this region. The valley is famous for its beautiful sites. Moreover the Kalashi women are known for casting their spell on the visitors for their enormous beauty.


Cholistan is a large desert expanding from District Bahawalnagar to District Bahawalpur. The history of Cholistan dates back to the Hakra Valley Civilization. It is believed to be the channel of the lost and mythical river of Hakra. Many forts stands in this mighty desert, the most notable of them is the Derawer Fort which is the official residence of the Royal Family of Bahawalpur. TDCP organizes Cholistan Jeep Rally every winter in which the tourists, camp in the desert end enjoy the fast and furious racing jeeps and trucks.

2-Makran Coastal Highway

Makran Coastal Highway is a road track of 700 km which connects Karachi from Gawadar. The road passes along with the shores of Arabian Sea. Surely it isn’t less attractive than the Ocean Drive in Califrona USA. It is also connected to many other sites like the Princess of Hope and Hingol National Park.


Shandur, also known as the Roof of the World is one of the highest flat plains in the world. It is located in the Chitral District KPK. It is famous for the Shandur Polo Festival which is held in July every year. Shandur Polo Ground is the highest Polo ground in the world. Moreover the Shandur Lake is a mouth piece of natural beauty. That’s why Shandur stands first in my list.

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Syed Talal Shah

Deputy Editor in Chief