The Pakistan Day


The day of 23rd March brings us a feeling of joy and excitement. Not due to the historical context of this day but because it brings us a holiday. Most of us spend the day by sitting and relaxing in home or go out for some trip or something. But this time I ask you to think out of the box that why this day is so much important that is has been declared a national holiday for the past seventy years. Isn’t a national holiday on the Independence Day enough? Obviously the Independence Day is important because it was the judgment day of freedom movement but it is to be noted that the freedom movement was a struggle of ideology and that ideology dates back to 23rd March 1940. I am not going to start a Pakistan Study lecture but I think we should try to indulge ourselves in the unseen past.

It was the second day of 28th session of All India Muslim League held in then Minto Park Lahore, presided by no other than Mr. Jinnah. The resolution was presented by the Lion of Bengal, Molvi A.K Fazal-e-Haq. The draft was prepared at Mamdot House, the residence of Sir Shahnawaz Mamdot. The exact figure of crowd is unknown but it is believed to be over a million. Followers of Jinnah flooded from all over the India to become part of this historic moment because they believed that their future generations will say it proudly that my ancestors did witness that historic moment which reshaped our futures and YES I AM PROUD! From the ports of Bengal to the mountainous terrains of Khyber, every soul was talking about this revolutionary event. No social media, no electronic media, only the call of Jinnah. Devotees were willing to die at one hand gesture of their beloved leader.

The devotees were gone too far in ecstasy that there was no coming back. The resolution demanded a separate and sovereign territorial land for Muslims which became the backbone of freedom movement and on the basis of this declaration the newly emerged Islamic State of Pakistan was carved out of the colossal subcontinent which altered the atlas forever.

As a memoriam of this historic event, the mighty Minar-e-Pakistan stands will full splendor and adore at exactly the place where Jinnah stood and addressed the crowd. The roar of crowd awoke the beautiful city of Lahore, not only Lahore but whole of the Sub Continent. The Pacific of enthusiasts was cheering the slogan ‘‘Le kay rahay gay Pakistan, Ban k rahay ga Pakistan’’. Just imagine that moment and feel the goose bumps when the gigantic tsunami of people were chanting the same slogan and following the one leader.

Today, on the 77th anniversary of this event, where do we stand? I am not talking about the governance or the conditions of the country but about the passion, the zeal which gave us this beloved homeland, the zest which didn’t refrain the mothers to send their sons to die for freedom. The importance of religion, society, culture, etc. cannot be denied but for me nothing is more important than the loyalty and patriotism for your country. Let’s pray on this historic day that the country stands with full magnificence till the end of this world and reach the heights of glory as envisioned by Jinnah so the blood of martyrs do not go in vain.

Pakistan Zindabad!

The author is a patriot and contributing writer at LSNB

Syed Talal Shah,
Deputy Editor in Chief LSNB,
BBA IV-Marketing and Social Sciences.