Wanna save money on books and Course Packs? 


Aren’t  you tired of buying brand new books and course packs every semester and after 4 months, the thick stack of knowledge is only good enough for absorbing oil from ‘Pakoras’.

Well, Worry not, because, at ‘Bookcity.pk’, You can sell off your old course packs, and buy the new courses packs at the same platform, that too at half price. We at Lahore School News and Broadcast Society Interviewed Mr.Hasan Salman, (A 3rd year  Bsc  student , Majoring is Economics and Minor in Maths stats)  , who is working as Marketing head at Lse Burki Campus for BookCity.pk





LSNB: So Hasan, Please tell us about Bookcity.pk.

Hasan: In a nutshell, We buy and sell second-hand books. Books such as courses packs, textbooks, novels of all genres. It is an economical initiative to cater book lovers

LSNB: How do you think its beneficial for the students?

Hasan: The students will benefit from bookcity. As you know, students have to buy course packs and textbooks after every 4 to 5 months. Those aren’t cheap. We have provided a platform which channels both buyers and sellers to exchange their books and gives an opportunity to earn and save money. The previous semester’s books and course packs are of no use when the semester is over. So wouldn’t it be better for the students to sell the old course pack for a handsome rather than stuffing it up into the drawer? Our Unique website allows the seller to find potential and vice versa with no hassle.

LSNB: Do you only deal with coursepacks, or other books?

Hasan : We have all variety of books.

Fiction, fantasy, romance

The response of the lseites is commendable. People are reaching to us. They want books at economical rates, and they want to pass on their previous used books so they may be useful to others, in this, they earn some cash which is fair enough.

(Some of our clients earned more than 500 and still earning)

LSNB: How does Bookcity.pk manages the entire transaction?

Hasan:  We have a team of 5 to 7 people interning at ‘bookcity.pk’. When we receive the order from a buyer, we confirm the order and contact the seller(who already placed their books for sale on the website ) We then ask the seller to bring the book at the lse campus on set date and time. Once we take the book from the sell, we contact the buyer and ask them when and where they want the book to be delivered. The delivery and the pick take place on campus ONLY. Once we receive the Money from the buyer, we hand him/her the coursepack, keep our share of transaction and give the money to the original seller.


LSNB: Please explain the transaction process with an example.

Hasan: Suppose Ali has a course pack of ‘Principles of Marketing’ which he bought for Rs 1000. He posted on our website that is he willing to sell his course pack because he has cleared Principle of marketing course with an A (Mashallah). Now, Maria will be taking Principles of Marketing this semester. She finds about bookcity.pk and contacts us for the purchase. Once we receive a purchase order from Maria, We commit to her to sell her the course pack for half the original price which is Rs.500 (Remember original Course pack costs 1000). After getting the confirmation from Maria, We contact Ali (The seller) and offer him 25% of the original price which is Rs.250 (25% of 1000). When Ali Agrees to sell the coursepack for 250 to us, we ask him to bring the book at a certain place on campus so our rep can take from him.  Meanwhile,  we also contact Maria (Buyer) and deliver the coursepack to her. We take 500 from Maria , take our cut (250), and give the remaining 250 to Ali.

LSNB: How has been the response so far?

Great, awesome !. People are going nuts. It’s as if they were dying to give away their books since they weren’t of any use to them. Their space was occupied and they wanted a spring cleaning. In doing so, they got a monetary incentive.





LSNB: Any contact Details?

Hasan: You can visit our website at


Students can also contact me for more details:




LSNB: Thanks a lot for such an elaborative interview. Wish you the very best of luck in this venture.


By: MD.Sikandar Bashir


(the author of this article is the founding president of LSNB, and LSE alumni batch of 2016)