What Sir Hassan Gardezi said for ‘LSE awam’


LSNB got the chance to interview one of LSE’s most valuable instructors, Sir “Hassan Gardezi”. He doesn’t only teach, he inspires students to think out of the box. Sir Hassan has done Ms/M.Phil from Australia in Critical Theory/ Creative Writing and has been teaching at LSE for about past 5 and half years. Here is what he had to say:

What subjects do you teach at LSE and the impact you think they have on the students?

“I have been teaching pretty much varied courses starting from basic writing skills; Academic writing to Business Communication. According to my forte, I teach Language, Culture and Society and Creative Writing, here as a full time instructor. My basic passion lies in Creative Writing but even in Creative Writing I think, there has to be structured according to the theory. That is because I believe that people live according certain guidelines and those guidelines make your own guiding principles. Plus these principles have been adequately summarized by philosophers before us so I take help from some of those theories.

Creative Writing is one of those subjects that I think, that not only help us in some of the disciples in our careers afterwards, it actually changes our entire being and that’s my interest in it. The best aim or use of creative writing is that we get a more dimensional sense of ourselves hence get to know clearly who we are. At the same time it also acts as a “time-out” from our daily lives through writing or exploring something and while doing that you unconsciously learn something new about yourselves.

Every semester I find at least 1% of the students that really surprise me, each batch is different. Each one of them have different pre-occupations, each one original but the idea of creative writing is that even within this short period of time of one semester you would be surprised by the amount of transformation that a student undergoes. They start off by questioning everything as far as the limits are concerned example what is the word limit? Number of pages? etc and till the end they are absolutely challenging every boundary and norm. That is a big achievement. For students to acquire the ability to think and form their own opinion by challenging the norms is a huge accomplishment.”

By: Arisha Mujtaba


Content writer, LSNB.

(The author of this article a BBA student Majoring in Finance and environmental policy 2nd year at Lahore School of Economics from section E)